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Via Marina Garibaldi, 98055, Canneto - Lipari (Eolie)

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What does AIG Point mean?

AIG points are tourist facilities that work with the Italian Youth Hostel Association or AIG to promote tourism for both younger and older people in places which do not have a Youth Hostel. These facilities allow AIG-Hostelling International cardholders discounts on their normal tariffs, though offering the same services that ordinary guests enjoy. For more information visit the website
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How far are you from the port of Lipari?

We are located in the small town of Canneto, which is only 2 km from the port of Lipari. Canneto can easily be reached by car or by bus. The bus service to and from Canneto is frequent (roughly every 15 minutes) from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 24 hours a day during the months of July and August.

How far are the flats from the beach?

The flats are just 50 metres from the beach, which can be reached on foot.

Is the beach sandy or rocky?

The beach of Canneto is sandy and pebbly.

Are there other beaches apart from Canneto?

Just 1 km from the Bay of Canneto is the White Beach, while the beach below the old pumice quarries is about 4 km away. This is a particularly beautiful beach because the white pumice gives the sea a unique aquamarine hue. All the beaches can be reached by “sea taxi”, private fishing boats that can take you directly to the most beautiful places on the island.

How can I get to the other Aeolian Islands?

You can get to the other Aeolian islands from Canneto on private boats that organise day trips. These generally start in the morning and finish in the late afternoon.
Hydrofoils and ferries only leave from the main port in Lipari; however we do recommend the boat trips for our guests as they offer a much better experience of the various islands.

Can we go on hiking excursions?

Our islands are perfect for hiking, since their natural landscape is interesting both for its geology and volcanology and for the plants which are endemic to the islands.

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